Mission Day

Last Friday at school it was Mission Day and in the morning we had a Liturgy with our school outside under the canopy, we had to bring coins for our mufti and put them down at the front. After that we went back to class and our teacher Mr. Bell told us to go to our tables and grab a pencil to get ready for our Te Reo-Athon, He gave out our test and we started writing. After the test we gave our papers to Mr. Bell so he could write the results of how much we got right, then the bell rang and we went out to get our morning tea and had some fun outside.

After morning tea we sat down on the floor and Mr. Bell played us a movie called Spirited Away, while we were watching Mr. Bell called my name first and gave my test results, when I looked at it I only had eighty two out of one hundred but I didn’t mind because I felt glad that I still learnt a lot of Maori words. Then after Mr. Bell gave out all of our test results we cleaned up the classroom and got our bags and lined up outside at the gate and went peacefully home to have a rest. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post!

About Me

Kamusta, my name is Frances, I am 11 years old and turning 12 this year. I have 2 brothers and I come from the Philippines but I was born in New Zealand. I go to Saint Patrick’s School and my teacher’s name is Mr. Bell, my favourite subject in school is Art, I love art because when I was around 6 or 7 years old I started drawing and coloring. It was really fun, but when we got painting kits I started to like it and now I love it! I paint most of the days when I feel like it.

When I grow up I want to be a Vet Nurse, I want to be a Vet Nurse because I love animals and I want to take good care of them when they need help, I also do lots of work about animals, different kind of animals that I didn’t know. My first favourite animal is an alpaca my second is a red panda and my third is an otter.

If I could go somewhere I would go to Japan because that is where I can get so many anime figures and other cool stuff. The second place I would go to is Canada because I want to meet my favourite YouTuber.

I hope you enjoyed reading my About Me Poster!

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